Silence Retreat

Give yourself a gift of weekend in silence to

Reboot & Glow in your Being

We are a constantly 'over-stimulated' & ‘digitally-distracted’ generation. We even carry a mother-load of distraction & stimulation in our pockets; some of us have two of those!!  From this retreat, take home tools to experience silence in everyday life. Add 'Power of Silent Reflection' to your busyness to truly enjoy life. Hence this Silence Retreat

      The Why

  • For the busy you, 'silence break' has relaxing & calming effect on mind
  • Research studies link 'silent' contemplation to increase in creativity
  • Our mind needs some 'downtime' to recover & recuperate

        The How

  • Tap into your deep inner source of inspiration & creativity in silence
  • Connect with the Divine & bask in a spiritually uplifting atmosphere
  • Studies have found that silence can help develop new brain cells


Listen to Silence, it has so much to Say


Check In @ 7:30 PM Friday, December 1st

 Silence of Two Voices

~ Inner World & ‘Connectedness’ with God

 Visualization Valley

~ Seeing is Believing; is it?

 The Mask

~ The Outside-In & the Inside-Out

 Labyrinth Walk

~ Let Go & Let In

 Freedom & Expression

~ Unlock Your Other Side

 Magical Time Travel

~ 'Genuine Gratitude', not 'Just for Granted'

 Khuda Dost

~ Ever Experienced this True Live-in Relationship?

 Allah's Garden

~ Life at its Best with Human Perfection 


Check Out @ 2:30 PM Sunday, December 3rd


For any queries, please contact us at

Registration is mandatory. No fee (purely voluntary). Includes shared accommodation with wholesome & delicious vegetarian meals with snacks at tea/coffee breaks.


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